Meet Mama Carol!! You Can rent her for the weekend to Glamp or for Extra Space!

NOW ACCEPTING STATIONARY RESERVATIONS! Want to stay in Mama Carol, but don’t want to book a campground? No worries! We have the perfect glamping spot available in fall 2023. We are looking to book reservations starting in October.


Hi, we are the Harrison's, Zach, and Steffanie, and we want to share glamping with you! We love the outdoors, but it's much work to get everything ready from start to finish; that’s where Glamp Haven comes along. Like camping but with charming, adorable, and convenient amenities....

Glamp Haven Presents Campfire Stories Season 1 Episode 1:

These Glampfire stories are family-friendly short stories you can listen to sitting around a campfire or pretending you are! Check out the story below to read along.

Chipmunk and Bear

In this legendary tale titled The Chipmunk and the Bear: Chipmunk challenges Bear to stop the sun from rising. When Bear fails, he takes his anger out on the smaller animal, explaining how the Chipmunk got its......

Glamp Haven Presents: What We Love About Our Glamper Named Carl.

Hi! We are the Harrisons. We have two clampers and an adorable condo in Panama City Beach, Florida. We absolutely love making your...

Thank You for Renting Glamp Haven's Carol

I'll show you how to turn on the hot water in this video. The heat and hot water run off propane.

GlampFire Stories

Season 1 Episode 2:

The Crow Brings Daylight

When the world was first born, it was always dark in the north. For a long time the people thought it was dark all over the world the same. One day an old crow told....